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Amazon, an eCommerce giant, has been using the drop shipping business model since 2011. It has been reported that its drop shipped products accounted for 34% of its product sold in that year alone. Now if Amazon can do it, then that’s an opportunity for online stores to do the same.

With eCommerce tagged as the only trillion-dollar industry growing at a double-digit per year, you have plenty of potential sales to leverage on. And drop shipping makes it flexible because you won’t have to physically hold an inventory and you’ll just pay once you make a sale. But, did you know that there are 12-24 million online stores in the world, but only 650,000 make more than $1,000 of annual sales? Now that’s a competitive market! So, how do you make sure that your drop shipping business will be successful, given a cutthroat eCommerce environment and notwithstanding the ever demanding online shoppers?

Our Services

Website Design & Development

We,completely see how critical it is for an organization to run and grow its organizations and furthermore the real pretended by the organization’s legitimate site simultaneously.

It is because of the way we use our resources to create amazing websites that we have successfully been able to grow as a trusted web design company . It is our constant endeavour to offer the most uniquely designed sites within the promised duration of time. The highlights of our web design services  include:
– Creative and innovative designs – Influential sites
– Customized services
– User friendly interface

Our technological expertise

Services we offer

Custom Software Development

We join excellent UX with stunning functionalities to offer a remarkable custom programming advancement administrations to the worldwide customer base. Deal with your substance and information effectively with our web arrangements and entrances.

Web Application Development

Offering tweaked web application improvement administrations to mark your business, upgrade business execution, increment client reach, and quicken income age to meet your business needs.

CMS Development

We work in a wide scope of CMS Development stages, for example, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WordPress, and so forth. We are smarter to utilize open source stages than any other person in the business.

Static Website

We give a static site to the individuals who don’t expect to refresh content on it in the wake of distributing it on the web. We utilize the most recent innovation and applicable stage to convey the portable advanced business site.

Dynamic Website (CMS)

When there is a requirement of frequent updating of content, we can setup a dynamic website which gives you greater flexibility and full control with admirable design and cool functionality.

Blogging Website

Online journals help you to draw in more rush hour gridlock, develop clients and drive deals. We offer tweaked blogging site created utilizing framework perfect gadgets, SEO instruments, and Plugins, corporate hues and styles.

Linkedin Ad Campaign Setup

Grow Your Business with LinkedIn Marketing

Build Awareness
Grab the attention of the world’s top decision-makers.

Drive Website Traffic
Send potential clients straight to the source for more in-depth information about your offerings.

Generate Leads
Get the most valuable information out there for remarketing efforts and direct connections.

A must-have to reach professionals.

The career basecamp of 600 million professionals, LinkedIn is the top channel for B2B social advertising. With 4 out of every 5 LinkedIn users in the position to drive key business decisions, it’s one of the most efficient ways to get your ads to people who have the power to make it happen.

And these key decision makers are looking out for good content, too. A whopping 91% of executives think LinkedIn is the best place to find quality content.

In fact, if you’re not one of the 94% of B2B marketers already on the channel, you’re behind the game.

You need a dedicated team to get the results LinkedIn is capable of.

Over half of LinkedIn’s users have college degrees, and the vast majority of them reported that they expect to find quality content on the channel.

With no-frills-attached posts and ad formats, there’s nowhere to hide mediocre content. That means you need to create fresh content for your LinkedIn users; otherwise, they will quickly move to a source with more valuable offerings.

Unless you have enough time to craft unique content, monitor it for optimization, and analyze results to make improvements for the future, you need a team to help you capitalize on LinkedIn and start reeling those top-tier professionals in.

Our LinkedIn Marketing Services

With everything from strategy creation to campaign analysis, we can help you achieve your LinkedIn objective of choice, whether it be to generate leads, drive website traffic, or build brand awareness.

We work with data-tracking tools to gain insights that pinpoint where each campaign went right (or wrong), ultimately improving your strategy.

Audience Identification
We can identify and assess your audience, determining how best to reach the professionals most likely to purchase your offerings.

We can create and implement an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy catered to your brand’s B2B needs.

We can monitor your LinkedIn company page and campaigns, recognizing any opportunities or issues that pop up and responding in turn.

Paid Ads
Paid ads help drive leads and form incredibly valuable connections. We can run the process from format selection to final analysis, optimizing the campaign the entire way.

Content Creation
We can schedule regular posts that provide quality content to users expecting a high standard. We can also create a company page that attracts the crème de la LinkedIn.

Our LinkedIn Marketing Team

Our team has run many campaigns for a variety of industries across the United States.

Contact us to learn more about our experience and expertise.

We want to share how we increased your followers by 500% in a week or generated 200 leads in a day.

So, we’ll keep you in-the-know about our tactics—not only those that worked but also those that didn’t work. We think that transparent data analysis is an important part of the testing and learning process.

Social Media Graphics Design

If you haven’t had the time yet or just aren’t sure how to go about creating social media profiles for your business, we can help! Our social media team creates custom images, writes optimized content, links accounts, networks with other relevant pages and profiles, and so much more.

We can even train you to use your new social profiles to best reach your audience and promote your business, as well as how to track and interpret engagement metrics so that you know what is working for you and what isn’t.

Creativity is the fundamental principle of visual correspondence. ‘How you state’ is as much significant as ‘what you state’ to own your expression to champion. Normally, this aptitude isn’t some tea for everything except it must be created by hatching the thoughts and sustaining them energetically to convey the ideal effect.

We, have a team of creative graphic designers, who can develop the themes that are well suited for you through visual communication and make them impactful towards achieving to reach the growth trajectory for your business.

Whether you need best logo design or best visiting card designs or stationery design or standees or brochures or website /social media graphics, we provide all type of Graphic design services. We being the Best Graphic Design Agency which can create the best graphic designs that are well suited to provide the requisite ambience for your business growth. Contact us for any of your graphic design services  like Visiting Card, brochures, standees, stationery design, website, social media marketing etc.

Facebook Ad Campaign Setup

Increase Awareness
Grab the attention of billions of consumers ready to form valuable relationships with your business.

Build Consideration
Engage and expand your audience with relevant content that encourages shares, app installs, and lead generation.

Earn Conversions
Grow your bottom line by increasing sign-ups, selling your wares, and securing store visits.

The largest social network out there is worth the hype.

A clear majority of Americans are Facebook users. And the exciting thing is not just that 68% of the U.S. is on Facebook—half of them are on there several times a day.

This mass of users isn’t averse to seeing your content, either. Of all the social networks, Facebook is rated by users as having the most relevant and interesting ads.

Seeing that their ad campaigns can reach almost exactly who you’d like while catering to any budget, Facebook marketing is simply a no-brainer for any brand, large or small.

You need a dedicated team to get the results Facebook is capable of.

If you’ve started marketing on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that it’s really easy to set up an ad or send out an update. You’ve also probably noticed that it’s really hard to get that content to succeed.

There are many reasons for this. Frankly, every social site grows too quickly and adds too many products for the average marketer to keep up with.

When you’re also focused on all the other content you need to keep your brand functioning, you simply can’t learn about Facebook’s new updates to Pages fast enough. There are also trends to jump on, messages from customers to respond to—the list goes on.

Even if you have time to keep up with all the changes, you probably don’t have the time to create unique content, implement A/B testing, monitor and optimize your campaigns, then thoroughly analyze the results. That’s where we’ll help.

Our Facebook Marketing Services

With everything from strategy creation to campaign analysis, we will help you achieve your Facebook objective of choice, whether it be to increase awareness, gain consideration, or earn conversions.  We are constantly researching, tracking, and adapting to online trends. Let us be your go-to resource for the most recent Facebook marketing tactics out there.

We work with data-tracking tools to gain insights that pinpoint where each campaign went right (or wrong), ultimately improving your strategy.

Audience Identification
We can identify and assess your audience, determining how best to use Facebook’s powerful targeting capabilities.

We can create and implement an effective Facebook marketing strategy catered specifically to your brand’s goals.

We can monitor your Facebook Page and campaigns, recognizing any opportunities or issues that pop up and responding in turn.

Paid Ads
Paid ads are the best way to expand reach and gain traction on Facebook. We can run the process from format selection to final analysis, optimizing your campaign the entire way.

Content Creation
We can design and schedule regular updates and on-the-fly news items that will captivate your desired audience. We can also help you get the most out of your Page.

Our Facebook Marketing Team

We want to share how we increased sales of your online shop by 20%, or how that ad pushed hundreds of new leads to visit your website.

So we’ll keep you in-the-know about our tactics—not only those that worked, but also those that didn’t work. We think that transparent data analysis is an important part of the testing and learning process.

Our team has run many campaigns for a variety of industries across the United States.

Video Editing

Online users expect advertising to be brief, targeted and convenient. Consumers engage with content for a moment and ignore ads that fail to capture their attention.

Online video advertising creates a stimulating environment for consumers by matching their expectation of quick and easy content. It helps brands to quickly inform and visually entertain – creating a powerful platform for conversion when accurately targeted across user behaviour types.

With integration throughout content networks, brands can deliver extremely relevant, engaging videos to users across social, mobile and traditional outlets — improving brand awareness, conversions and retention.

DMYourBusiness is a digital marketing company which helps produce the kind of content that is relevant to both your brand and target audience. Outsource video marketing services to us today!

Boosts Conversions 

Videos can make you some serious money. Adding a product video on your landing page can increase conversions.

Video Builds Trust

The whole concept of content marketing is based on trust and creating long-term relationships.

Explain everything

Trying to explain something complex? Video ads make it easuy for the viewer to understand.

Engages audience

Videos are super easy to consume and one of the best ways to get the brand message across.

Social Media & Paid Ad Management

Social media is considered the second-most effective form of digital marketing, yet more than one-third of businesses have no social media presence at all. This is largely due to small businesses not having the time or resources to invest in social media marketing.

We’ll develop social profiles that highlights your strengths

Our social media team is highly skilled in social media strategy and content creation. We start by performing thorough research on your industry and applying the latest social media strategies to your social accounts. This targeted content inspires your followers to engage with and support your business. Services include:

We manage branded profiles and social media campaigns on all channels, but we try to focus on the top 1-2 channels that make the most sense for your business and your target audience. Learn more about our offerings with the following social networks:

Google Ad Campaign Setup

Google Adwords is advertising network that allows business owners to buy ads on Google search results pages, YouTube videos, and partner websites.

For ecommerce business owners, there’s two AdWords placements you should focus on first: search and Google Shopping.

Search, allows business owners to place ads on search result pages. For example, if you’re a retailer selling running shoes, you can have your text ad appear as a search result at the top of the page whenever a customer searches “buy running shoes”.

As an advertiser, you choose which keywords you want to bid on, what you want your ad to say, and how much you want to spend. What this means for you as a store owner is that you can target and show ads to people showing high intention. Someone searching “buy running shoes” is much more qualified and closer to making a purchase decision than simply targeting someone with an interest in running or running shoes.

Google AdWords allows you to insert your brand and products right in the middle of a customer’s buying journey, and right before they decide where they buy and what they will buy.

Google Shopping is similar to search, in that you bid on keywords, but instead of appearing in a search as a text ad, your ad appears as a product listing. Product listing ads usually appear along the top and in the upper right hand side of a search results page.

They also appear under the “shopping” tab within Google. Unlike search, Google determines when your ad shows up and for what keywords, depending on your product, site and bids. You can tell Google which keywords to remove your product listing from, once your products begin to appear in Google Shopping searches. To set up, you provide Google a product feed through the Google Merchant Center and then create the Google Shopping ad in AdWords.

Start small:  Before deciding on a bunch of keywords to target, start with the lower competition and long tail keywords. These keywords are usually more specific and have a smaller search volume. However, this means you’re more likely to show up for these searches and spend less while doing it. Starting small also means testing. Begin by testing a few keywords and slowly scale your budget and number of keywords you’re targeting, once you begin seeing some traction.

Your brand name: If you find your customers are searching for your store and brand name on Google, you want to ensure you’re bidding on your brand name. Branded keywords usually convert very well and it ensures you’re the first result every time a customer is looking for your store or more information about your brand.

Use Ad Extensions for search: If you’re bidding on keywords for search, use AdWords’ Ad Extensions, which help your ads stand out more as well as provide the customer more information. Ad Extensions such as adding a callout, price, reviews, location and phone number can help with your click-through rate on your ad.

Use negative keywords: Negative keywords tell Google which keywords you don’t want your ads to appear on. Why would you do this? For a few reasons. The first is to prevent your ad from showing on a keyword that simply isn’t profitable. If you’re finding your ad is appearing frequently for a keyword but it is not bringing in any sales, you may want to add that keyword to your negative keywords list to improve your return on investment. Secondly, you might appear for a search that’s actually irrelevant to your product. If I’m selling sunglasses and my ad is showing for the search “drinking glasses” I probably don’t want to appear in that search since I’m not selling that kind of glasses.

Optimize your landing page: Depending on the keywords you’re bidding on, you may want to first create unique and contextual landing pages for each keyword. This helps ensure that the landing page is congruent with the ad. Next, you’ll want to optimize the landing page by constantly testing different copy, images, and placement of elements while your campaign is ongoing. If your ad has a high click-through but low conversions, the landing page might need to be improved.

Track everything: Imagine running a Google AdWords campaign alongside other different marketing strategies you’re testing, getting sales, and not knowing with 100% certainty if they’re coming from Google AdWords or somewhere else. The great thing about Google AdWords is that when a sale comes from one of your ads, you’re able to attribute it to Google AdWords using Google’s conversion tracking tag. Setting the tag up in your store is very straightforward and it allows you to measure the effectiveness of your ads, as well as your return on ad spending.


Email Marketing

For every $1 spent on email marketing $44 is made in return, according to a study by Campaign Monitor. People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than people who do not receive email offers.

Are you using the most effective form of digital marketing in your business strategy?

If you haven’t implemented an email marketing campaign for your business, don’t miss out on connecting with your customers and increasing your sales anymore. A digital marketing agency like Thrive can set up an email campaign that fits your business objectives perfectly.

Email newsletter campaign services

Email campaigns tailored to your needs: We will set up and manage a targeted email marketing campaign aligned with your marketing goals. We’ll take care of your needs, whether you’d be best served by one-off sales-oriented emails, simple RSS-to-email feeds sending your audience updates from your blog, or an intelligently automated setup with event-triggered follow up emails based on where the recipient is in our well-defined sales funnel.

Professionally designed templates: Studies have shown that people prefer emails with more images and an attractive design rather than just plain text. Our talented designers can craft a newsletter template that has the colors, organization, and various features you feel represents your company best.  We design all of our emails to be responsive to ensure it will render correctly on any desktop or mobile device.

Product and service promotions that convert readers into customers: We can personalize the content of each email newsletter to appeal to your ideal target market. Your subscribers can receive emails that tell them exactly what they like hearing and offer them exactly what they want to buy.

Growing your email newsletter list: Not only that, but we’ll work with you to ensure your email newsletter list is growing steadily by optimizing your site to encourage email newsletter signups. On top of that, we’ll allow you to benefit from our rich industry experience to ensure your emails are likely to earn as many shares and as few unsubscribes as can be reasonably achieved.

While email marketing is an effective sales strategy, many businesses don’t know how to track results. We make this easy for our email marketing clients by:

  • Providing detailed reporting: We’ll set up an email campaign tailored to your specifications, manage it and give you detailed reports on its efficiency, including open rate, traffic referred to your site, and sales/leads driven. With such detailed data, it’s a simple matter to verify that your campaign is generating revenue to more than justify its expense.
  • Access to Google Analytics reports: You can track your email campaign’s results by checking your Google Analytics dashboard anytime you desire.  We can even integrate email campaigns with your Google Analytics to provide deeper insight into how the recipients interact with your website.

Ready to get started?

We’d love to discuss how we can assist you with an email marketing campaign.

The benefits of email marketing

According to research, customers spend 83 percent more on a brand that they’ve received email newsletters from. Marketers reported receiving $44.25 for every dollar invested in an email marketing campaign.

Email marketing is one of the best marketing methods for earning business leads and has a very high ROI. The benefits to email marketing appear to be endless, but we’ve narrowed them down to these seven:

1. Customize for Different Audiences

Personalization is one many benefits to using email marketing. It is much easier to create the appropriate messaging for different types of audiences. While there may be additional costs to consider for printing when customizing bulk orders with different messaging, email allows one to customize messaging for different audiences at no additional charge.

2. Simple and Time-Saving Distribution

Email marketing is far less labor-intensive than other type of marketing. There is no postage to consider or labeling required for each piece distributed. The person can communicate with thousands on a list or within a certain category in a matter of minutes.

3. Test Emails for Better Results

There are more opportunities to test different styles of messaging. A person can create multiple messages for an email campaign. The person can test the message in different formats using split testing to see which approach gets the best response from recipients.

4. Email Marketing is Cost Effective

Email campaigns are much more cost-effective than other forms of marketing. Research shows that email campaigns can be up to 20 times more cost-effective than other types of marketing methods. This gives the marketer more of an opportunity to reach more people on a given a budget.

5. Builds Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty requires the consumer to have regular interaction with the brand. The cost for marketing to an existing customer can be anywhere between six to 12 times less expensive than any of the other types of marketing. Routine marketing communications with the customer make it possible for the company to build a relationship while driving sales.

6. Email Tracking and Analytics

There are better tracking opportunities for a business using this type of marketing. Results are available for most campaigns within 48 hours. The click-throughs, open rates, bounce rates and other key metrics give marketers many ways to track key campaign metrics.

7. Email Marketing Expands Reach

Email newsletters will have a better reach than traditional marketing methods. Seventy-two percent of email users check their inboxes more than six times a day. Another 92 percent of Internet users have a minimum of one email account. Marketers can reach their target audiences on their phones, mobile devices and PCs with this type of campaign.

Try an email marketing campaign

Marketers can see a considerable return on their investment in email marketing, including the benefits listed above and many more. If you’d like to enjoy a higher ROI, improved efficiency, accessibility and an increase in customer loyalty, contact Thrive and we’ll walk you through all the ways our email marketing campaigns can help you promote your business or brand.

Our email marketing team is experienced with many email platforms including MailChimp, Constant Contact, Mailshake, Apollo and more. Here are some additional benefits you’ll get from partnering with Thrive:

  • Custom and branded email template design
  • Email automation and A/B testing
  • Campaign strategy, setup and management
  • Insights and reporting on a monthly basis
  • Content writing and creation (images, video, etc.)
  • Subscriber growth campaigns
  • List segmentation
  • Collaboration with other marketing efforts including social media & remarketing campaigns

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