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increase local exposure by 3x 

Our marketing plans are designed to target your potential audience present in and around your business location, that will drive up more membership to your fitness programs.

Professional Websites / Offer Landing Pages

Paid Campaigns on FB, Google, IG, Linkedin etc

Video Editing
Graphics ( Social Media )
Website Security, Virus Cleaning, WordPress Fixes, Remote Assistance

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to getting started you can try a small campaign setup in any of the paid ad platforms , where we set up a paid campaign to target potential fitness enthusiast in and around your region to promote your programs


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When online presence is becoming the new normal, Health and Fitness sector is no exception to be left out. From fitness webinars to small clinics’ services everything is digital today. Plethora of information of this sector has largely become accessible due to extensive digital marketing. Being at the tip of toes to market services digitally as well as differentiate has become inevitable.


We offer everything you need to digitally generate more fitness clients and memberships to grow your business. Our experts focus their efforts in building your strategy from warm up to cool down and work with you every step of the way to build your gym’s strength in your community.

fitness Website Design

Website is the first interaction your future members will have with your gym whether it be just skimming the calendar for your fitness classes or digging into profiles about the personal trainers you employ. Make sure that your services, pricing, and results are clearly depicted and easy to find on your website to encourage visitors to stop into your gym for a free trial and talk to your staff.

Google Ad Campaign Setup

When it comes to fitness marketing, it’s hard to find a better channel than search advertising on Google AdWords. It’s the one channel where customers are primed and ready to hear about your offerings. You don’t have to create education around the value of daily exercise or try to win over those who are members at competing fitness centers. Through Google AdWords, you have a front row audience of only those who are actively searching for a new gym to join.

Social Media Graphics Design

Whether it’s Fitness Branding, Personal Branding, Brand Building, Brand Identity, or Brand Marketing, we provide Fitness Graphic Design Services for Fitness Industry Businesses and Personalities to help them grow their business online. We provide creative graphic design services such as logo design, brochure design, newsletter design, catalog design, banner design and other projects to help you promote your brand and business.

Facebook Ad Campaign Setup

Facebook has made it easier than ever to connect with your ideal fitness clients by creating a targeted Facebook ad campaign.Unlike more impersonal pay-per-click advertising, Facebook ads are designed to be intimate, engaging, and hyper-personal.Whether they appear as a post in someone’s newsfeed or as a graphic advertisement sandwiched between their page likes and friend’s list, Facebook ads are presented in a seamless way that results in high conversions.

Linkedin Ad Campaign Setup

LinkedIn has over 500 million users and according to statistics, 44% of them earn over $75,000 in a year. If you’d like to position yourself as the expert personal trainer in your niche and your fitness business is targeting high earning professionals in a specific industry, including LinkedIn into your marketing strategy, and creating a professional brand image can be a winner move. 

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Video Editing

Our video fitness marketing services will help you produce quality content that teachers members and non-members about topics surrounding fitness, nutrition, and how your services can help them. You can virtually provide professional tips from your best trainers through the video content you publish on your fitness page and website. Give visitors more than just what they get in the gym through video marketing.

Social Media & Paid Ad Management

We offer full-service social media management services, including reputation management. Our fitness marketing company will help you attract more motivated patrons using a strong presence on social media through visually engaging content, follower interaction, and daily monitoring. Gain more leads and membership through social media fitness marketing using paid social ads by promoting new features and events to potential members.

Email Marketing

This is a highly popular service with gyms, fitness studios, and fitness clubs because you can easily keep your members informed of monthly fitness schedules, class changes, and membership specials through a personalized method. Our services for email marketing include list management, newsletter design and sending, and reporting. We also offer personalization of emails so your firm can create better relationships with your members.





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