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Interior Design Marketing Services

Most interior designers will attest to the challenge of trying to do good work while also promoting themselves and working to find clients. Since developing marketing skills can be a time-consuming and often unproductive experience, one of the best tools at a designer’s disposal is an interior design marketing agency. Working with a professional interior design marketing firm means gaining the expertise and skill of a company dedicated to promoting interior design services. A professional firm will be able to: Research a target audience, Identify a designer’s unique value proposition, Generate qualified sales leads, Increase e-commerce traffic and sales, Create customized, responsive websites, Build quality content to improve SEO AND Improve search results


The digital marketing world is constantly evolving and changing, making it difficult for interior design brands to keep up. If you’re looking to grow your design business, reach out to your desired audience and bring them to your store, studio or showroom, then you’ve come to the right place.

DMYourBusiness is a boutique digital marketing agency based in India, specialised in design and interiors brands. Whether you are a design practice, representative showroom, high-end lighting or furniture manufacturer, we can provide you with a bespoke expertise that aligns with your brand and budget.

Our main focus is on the craftsmanship of great strategies, professional consultancy and results driven services that will grow your design brand and support your sales and marketing process. With our combined years of experience in digital marketing, advertising, arts and interior design, we hold the key to building a memorable identity brand for your business.


Website Design & Development

We’re professionals, with deep experience, and always stay on the cutting-edge of technology. That means we can offer you the latest features for your website before your competitors, setting you apart and giving you the advantage. From triggered interactions, rich content, and intuitive forms that guide customers, our website design can help your estate agency or property business maximise the return on your marketing investment with on-brand messaging, lead generation, and a digital presence you’ll be thrilled to share.

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Linkedin Ad Campaign Setup

we promote the content to relevant target audiences through paid ad campaigns. This will exponentially increase the reach and brand awareness you get on social media, but you have to pay to play. Our social media marketing specialists will come up with creative ad campaign ideas, suggest optimal media spend levels and the best content formats in order to generate local brand awareness, traffic or lead generation in LinkedIn. We offer KPI reporting on your social campaigns too, so you can monitor, read reports and get the social media analytics that show you how this digital marketing channel is performing.

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Social Media Graphics Design

It’s not easy to manage social media marketing on your own. Our approach means you can build a loyal audience and increase your brand awareness faster than on your own, using highly-engaging formats and creative campaign ideas to make your brand stand out. Using amazing graphics to build your audience is flexible, repeatable and scalable. You get to build a closer relationship with customers by sharing the knowledge that they want to learn. We’re there at every step of the way to help you make this cost-effective and practical.

It all begins with discovery: learning where you’re winning, what your challenges are, and how your brand can stand out on certain channels. Next, we’ll analyse your current performance and set some campaign objectives to measure against. Then, the fun begins: creating powerful content marketing strategies and campaign ideas that fit your brand and appeal to your audience.

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Facebook Ad Campaign Setup

We have a two-pronged approach to social that’s worked time and time again. To begin with, we create a social media strategy and editorial calendar that keeps your communication across social networks on-brand and in line with your overall digital marketing strategy. As part of our monthly organic social media management, we’ll create highly engaging content that we know works well on Facebook- the aim is to make users stop in their feed scroll, show your brand personality in a social context and build trust and loyalty with potential customers.

Video Editing

We help property professionals and proptech companies use video as an effective part of their marketing, creating arresting video content for the best return on their marketing investment. Our video packages are used by estate agents, proptech, property finance, legal, interior design and architecture companies, creating content that surprises, entertains and informs. We’re able to define a video marketing strategy for you, plan the campaign and create storyboards, before we film, edit, add music, text overlays and graphics. Finally, we’ll deliver an awesome video, that you can use on your website, on Youtube and throughout your digital marketing. 

Google Ad Campaign Setup

Pay-per-click, or PPC, is the most popular form of digital advertising, and that’s because it offers great value for money. This is where you only have to pay every time a user clicks on your advert. In other words, it’s ‘performance marketing’ — your budget pays only for the performance of the campaign. Our PPC management services cover paid search marketing (where your advert will appear on page one of Google search results), display advertising and remarketing.

Social Media & Paid Ad Management

It takes an authentic brand voice and our advertising expertise to cut through the noise on social media. But there’s one other thing that makes a difference, and that is to enable your website to inspire social conversations with ease.  We turn your online presence into a social machine, with tabs and share buttons that your readers can click to post the page on their social accounts. We integrate your social media channels to your website too, with our ‘Social Wall’ modules making it very easy for users to keep up to date with your latest activity on social media, without having to leave your website.

Email Marketing

  • Our platform also builds in useful tools that can make the difference. We can extract all the leads from your database, integrate with your CRM and website, and provide reports of opens, clicks, hot leads from user engagement and all the key metrics you need to refine and develop your email marketing in a safe and GDPR-compliant way. From regular newsletters that keep you top of mind, to broadcasts that serve up useful news at the right time to generate leads, we can help. We can offer you a full range of email marketing services, from design, to copywriting, distribution and list management, our offering lets you choose the right mix for your marketing objectives and resources.