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Most medical practices struggle to attract and retain patients. Why? Because they simply don’t have the marketing expertise, dedicated staff time and/or marketing resources to attract, convert and retain the new patients they want to help their practice thrive. That’s why thousands of healthcare providers and practices of all types and sizes turn to us.

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We offer customized digital marketing and reputation management solutions that drive results. Partner with marketing experts to determine the best strategies for helping you improve your online presence, enhance your online reputation, land you near the top of search results, grow your revenues, attract new patients and achieve your practice growth goals.

Website Design & Development

Our custom websites can increase your new-patient volume with ongoing search engine optimization (SEO). They also inform your patients and referrers about your expertise and services. You save time and expense by having Practice Builders write, design and optimize your content. Your healthcare staff saves time by using secure, interactive, downloadable forms for patient health histories, appointment-setting and other practice needs. Other benefits include: Custom website design matches your practice branding, Domain name registration and renewals for life ,Medical animations available for patient education, Patient education library right on your website, Functional search capabilities from your site, Page-sharing support for viral marketing efforts, Monthly traffic reports keep you informed, Full-service email accounts (up to 25 per domain)

Facebook Ad Campaign Setup

41% of consumers say that content found on social media will likely impact their choice of hospital or treatment center. However, medical advertising on Facebook is complicated because of numerous targeting restrictions on the healthcare industry. We are absolute Facebook advertising experts and can work through Facebook’s restrictions to create low-cost, high-reward campaigns.

Facebook advertising campaigns allow for both text and photos to be displayed on your advertisement for maximum audience engagement. You’re able to target your audience based on interests, demographics, and geography, while also determining how much you want to pay per click or pay per mille (cost per 1000 impressions). Facebook alone has over 900 million unique users spending over 700 billion minutes per month on the site.

Google Ad Campaign Setup

Looking to get more leads with paid search advertising? Google Ads, formerly Google Adwords, is the premier platform for paid search advertising—allowing you to target your customers in the most relevant and specific way. Whether you’re looking to fine tune your existing Ads campaign or you’re starting from scratch and need a complete campaign setup, the paid search specialists at DMYourbusiness can help with every aspect of your Google Ads (Google Adwords) campaign management.

Google Ads has the most sophisticated platform for paid search, strongly outperforming competitors like Bing Ads. Google Ads allows advertisers to set a daily budget for each campaign and choose bids for each ad group and keyword. Campaign settings include features such as ad schedules, location settings, and mobile device settings. In addition, the Ads Keyword Planner allows you to brainstorm and evaluate the strength of keywords for your campaigns.

Social Media & Paid Ad Management

As social media experts for healthcare professionals, we knows exactly which social media platforms you should use and how you should use them to grow your practice.

Our solutions help you reap all of the benefits of social media marketing without requiring you to spend time away from your business. Specifically, we focus on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google My Business. Together, these platforms can help you reach thousands of potential new patients.

Prefer to focus on running your practice instead of your social media accounts? Let DMYourBusiness creates an end-to-end social media strategy for you. We’ll establish and maintain your social media platforms, write your content posts, pull monthly analytics and tweak as necessary to get you the best possible results.


Social Media Graphics Design

Patients are smart consumers. They regularly conduct online research about doctors and physicians, health topics and more. One of the best ways to reach them is by creating  high-value healthcare content. This is your opportunity to help patients find your medical practice online, view you as an expert resource and ultimately choose you as their doctor or physician. Our Graphics Designs can help you achieve those results and more. We use our expertise in healthcare writing as well as content marketing to create high-value, SEO-driven content for your medical practice’s website where those graphics will be seen by prospective patients and drive those patients to contact your office.

Email Marketing

With an average 4,400% return on investment (ROI), email marketing is an affordable and highly effective way to generate and close more leads. In today’s online-all-the-time world, consumers are connected to digital technology 24/7. With all the noise, it can be hard for you to stand out above your competitors. Opt-in email marketing is one of the best ways to stay in front of prospects and existing customers—92% of US adults use email, and 70% on average have used a coupon or discount from a marketing email in the past seven days. When done right, email marketing campaigns are simple, efficient, cost-effective, and read by relevant eyes. Opt-in email marketing, drip email marketing, and marketing automation from DMYourBusiness are a low-cost way to increase referrals, up-sells, leads, and booked jobs (sales)!


Video Editing

YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google, and web pages with videos in them generally experience a 157% increase in organic traffic. By 2019, videos will account for 85% of online traffic in the US.

If you’re looking to incorporate video into your marketing plan, you’re making a smart move, and your customers (and your wallet) will thank you. Blue Corona has a proven track record of creating engaging videos for all types of video marketing campaigns, including social media videos, website videos, and video advertising. If you want your videos to pack a punch and captivate your audience, we’re the video marketing company for you.

Linkedin Ad Campaign Setup

Social media campaigns are low-cost to run and can be specifically targeted to the audience that you want to reach. At DMYourBusiness, our social media specialists will develop baseline data to better determine which social media platforms are producing the lowest cost per lead and the highest return on ad spend. We can help you track and test paid social media campaigns on a variety of platforms. LinkedIn advertising services allow you to engage with more B2B customers. About four out of five LinkedIn members drive business decisions, and members have 2x the buying power of other social platforms.  There are two paying options in LinkedIn Ads—cost per click or cost per mille (cost per 1000 impressions).

Why Us?

Fairly confident in your Digital media savvy? Let us help you take it to the next level so that you start getting better results from our Digital media consulting program. We’ll conduct a comprehensive analysis of your current Digital media strategy and make recommendations for improvements that you can implement yourself.


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