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The world of restaurant marketing is becoming increasingly digital. First it was credit cards. Then there was online ordering. Then it was mobile tablets as cash registers. Next came loyalty apps. Now we have tap to pay machines. What’s next? If you want to stay a competitive restaurant with full tables, then you need make your presence known to the public, and the best way to do that is through restaurant digital marketing.

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Restaurant Social Media Marketing

In recent years the restaurant industry has seen a growth in online ordering. Most of these orders were 26% greater in size over typical walk-in or call-in orders. People love the ability to customize every piece of their order online.

Aside from online ordering, the data you can gather from restaurant digital marketing is invaluable. Through restaurant marketing on various digital platforms, you can learn the demographics, behaviors, and interests of your customers. Align this data with localization and you have yourself a powerful restaurant marketing strategy that is a force to be reckoned with.



Restaurant Website 

Your restaurant website is one of your biggest assets to increase revenue.Your website allows you to generate traffic/people, get them to make reservations, read your menu, check out your upcoming events, give you their email addresses (another huge asset), request private parties and see all your beautiful food photos.We have 20+ years in web development, dating back to the very first websites.

Your restaurant needs to stand out and connect emotionally and visually with customers by investing in a striking and differentiated brand that is applied to your logo, photography, menus and most importantly your website. Our content writers will ensure that every piece of your branding collateral not only looks stunning but also sells, converting interest into customers and repeat business for your restaurant!


Facebook Ad Campaign Setup

Brand awareness is absolutely everything when it comes to marketing your restaurant online.Facebook has an engagement ad campaign that specifically optimizes for “page likes.” If you’ve never heard of Facebook page likes before, just think of them as your Facebook page’s followers.This campaign allows you to show your target market an ad that invites them to like your Facebook page, and if they do, they’ll see a percentage of your posts in their newsfeed moving forward. Thus,Learn the secrets to targeting the right customers, and how to retarget them later when you need it


Google Ad Campaign Setup

We run localized pay-per-click search ads that describe the atmosphere of your restaurant, the menu selection you offer, and your location, hours, and contact information for people searching for a place to grab a drink or bite to eat near them. And for those patrons who have considered your restaurant but maybe haven’t dined yet, we retarget them with mouth watering imagery representing your restaurant in an enticing manner.



Promo Videos & Editing

Diners enjoy the ambiance of a restaurant as much as the food. You can post videos of your restaurant ambiance and interiors on channels like YouTube. People will see what you are offering, beside what is written on the menu. When people find your restaurant well maintained and suitably staffed, they will be interested in paying you a visit.



Linkedin Ad Campaign Setup

LinkedIn ads can help your business reach a powerful professional audience. Not only are LinkedIn members influential, they also have two times the buying power of the average web crowd. A recent revamp of LinkedIn’s advertising platform, Campaign Manager, has added a few new tools to the LinkedIn marketer toolbox. In addition to sharper targeting options, the platform made the switch to objective-based advertising. That means advertisers can now run campaigns around clearly defined goals, such as brand awareness, lead generation, or engagement.



Social Media Graphics Design

Social media has always been visually-led and the rise and rise of platforms like Instagram suggests the trend is continuing. It’s well-documented that posts across virtually all social networks perform better if they contain great imagery. There are several sources of good-quality, royalty-free images on the web but where businesses can excel is through bespoke, original images and graphics that draw engagement from their audience.

Great graphics have several benefits to your social presence include Grabbing the attention of users in a busy social sphere,Increasing engagement metrics ,Showcasing products effectively, Adding to your company’s brand and character ,Demonstrating knowledge, quality and passion and Improving the preformance of paid advertising