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Tax & Accounting Marketing Services

Are you a tax consultant and looking for the best digital marketing services? If yes, then this is the best place to be in. Any online service or website cannot survive without these services now for the very obvious reasons. Every other small and giant business have moved their step towards online marketing to grab more and more attention. 


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Website Design & Development

 understands that your business is unique. That means you will need a website design that fits perfectly to your business model. This is why we offer four different plan levels and the chance to try any of them with no charge for a full 60 days. Once your free trial is complete, you will be able to review all upfront costs so that you can pick the plan that will work best with your budget. If you are not absolutely thrilled with your new accounting firm website after two months, you owe nothing.

If you love your new design, the personal attention from our expert website builders, and the online firm efficiency tools, you can continue to boost your online presence with an affordable monthly fee. You will not have to commit to a contract, and you can stop services at any time. We want the opportunity to show you how an amazing websitefantastic content, and advanced technical support can bring you peace of mind and grow your business.

3 Easy Steps to a Dynamic Accounting Firm Website

Speak to an Expert

A professional website builder can answer all your questions and guide you through the entire process.

Get Your Plan

Let’s talk about your vision and your goals, then decide which plan will work best. Plus, you always have the option of a fully customized website.

Win Online!

Proudly show off your new site to friends and clients, and get ready for more leads, more conversions, and a fantastic return on your marketing investment!


 How Can a Professional Website Design Benefit Your Firm?

Your website is the center of all your future marketing efforts. With us you can start with an elegant and straightforward foundation, then choose additional services later. You can add search engine optimization to increase organic search results, PPC to promote your services during tax season, or connect through providing helpful information on social media. Whether you choose a strategically built pre-design, full customization, or additional services, all of our accounting firm websites have amazing benefits.

  • Attract New Clients
  • Highlight Your Firms Services
  • Establish Credibility, Trustworthiness, & Expertise
  • Provide an Exceptional User Experience
  • Create a Brand Identity
  • Convert Leads into Clients
  • Increase Client Satisfaction

Our goal is to help your firm attract, engage and convert ideal clients who are searching for the financial services you provide. With productivity tools like secure file sharing, email system set up, payment processing, and thousands of pages of relevant content, you’ll have a well-crafted website that does much more than get your name out there.

Google Ad Campaign Setup

Just from the name AdWords is an advertising platform that’s owned by the Google search engine. Google is one of the search engines that has developed various tools that businesses can use to market themselves to their audience.

As an accounting business, Google AdWords for Accountants makes it possible for you to market your accounting services to your potential customers. This you can do by choosing where to place your ads; on Search Network or Display Network. For Search Networks, your text ads will be placed on Google’s search engine results whereas, on Display Network, your ads will be placed on different sites across the internet. This includes YouTube, Google’s search results page and other websites affiliated with Google through their Google AdSense programme.

At Accountant SEO, we incorporate both Search, and Display Network but with great emphasis on search as your brand is more visible this way.

What We Will Do for Your Business

When we work with you, we consider you a partner and work to get you the results your accounting firm needs. Here’s how we will do your Google AdWords management:

  • Understand Your Needs

Already, we know that you need to be found on the top results of Google’s search results page. By talking to our experts, we will get down to understanding your business more in depth and give you the best plan for execution.

  • Setting up of Ads on Google

As mentioned, we are experts when it comes to Google AdWords for Accountants. Our next step will be setting up your ads on Google to get you results in no time.

  • Visibility on Google Search Engine

In just a matter of hours after setting up your ads, users will be able to find your accounting firm and services and Google. And this, takes us to our next point, lead generation.

  • Lead Generation

Google AdWords is the easiest way for you to attract potential customers and get leads for your business.

  • Campaign Monitoring

With our in-house tools, we will manage all the AdWords campaigns for you to save on time and reporting.

  • Reports

We promise you monthly reports that will show you the work we’ve done and the results you are getting. After all, we are in this together with you, and your success is our success.

We take away your Ads management, so you can give a 100 percent to your business and customers.

Why Google AdWords

1. You have the ability to market your product to people when they are looking for it (Search Network) or when they aren’t (Display Network

2. Unlike search engine optimization where results take time, Google AdWords gives you immediate results

3. It’s easy to calculate your return on investment

4. You can set a daily, weekly or monthly spend budget

5. You can use multiple sets of keywords

6. You get to pay only when people click on your ads making it more convenient for you to easily track your spending

7. AdWords gives you more visibility since Google has its AdSense programme that allows for your ads to be placed on other affiliate websites

Facebook Ad Campaign Setup

How Facebook Ads for CPAs, Accountants, and Financial Professionals Works

With 79% of American Internet users being on Facebook,1 advertising on this platform is a great way for CPAs, accountants, and financial professionals to increase their reach and improve visibility among potential clients online.

Not only are Facebook Ads extremely cost-effective, but you get a greater ability to target and promote services to a specific audience in your area. Once a user sees and clicks your ad, they’re directed to a webpage or your Facebook page to learn more about your firm.

Why Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are a great way to supplement your existing marketing and social media marketing strategy. If you have an existing Facebook Business Page, when you make a post, it will appear in the feeds of anyone who follows you. However, with Facebook Ads, you can increase the reach of your posts to improve visibility and drive more traffic to your website.

Below are a few of the many reasons why small businesses, including accounting firms, are progressively utilizing this popular advertising platform:

Increase brand awareness and website traffic. On average, people spend at least 30 minutes a day on Facebook,2 making it a reliable channel for your business to reach more potential clients. With more visibility comes increased website traffic and Facebook Business page views, and an opportunity to attract more clients to your firm.

Target specific groups of potential clients. To ensure your budget is spent effectively, you can use demographic information to choose the audience you want to see your ad. For example, you can target ads based on geographic location, age, job title, and/or specific interests.

Easily measure the success of your ad campaigns. With the combination of metrics available from both your accounting website and Facebook Ads campaigns, you’ll get a detailed understanding of how well your efforts are performing and overall return on investment.

Linkedin Ad Campaign Setup

Why is LinkedIn Marketing Important for Businesses?

LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networks, with over 500 million users. Businesses on LinkedIn have the opportunity to build professional connections and drive traffic to your website by sharing engaging content. Sharing content, like blogs, gives your potential customers another way to interact with your brand in a non-promotional way. Posting often and adding value to your connections helps your brand stay on the top of their mind when they are ready to make a purchase.

LinkedIn is most frequently used by B2B companies, seeking to reach business decision makers. The demographics hint that this is the best platform to reach them. Over 50% of LinkedIn users have a college education. Nearly half of LinkedIn users make over $75,000/year. And most importantly, LinkedIn users are generally using the platform to seek new professional opportunities.

What are LinkedIn Management Services?

LinkedIn marketing services are professional services designed to create and implement LinkedIn marketing campaigns on your behalf. LinkedIn marketing services include account monitoring, content creation, audience growth, and reporting. With our help, you will not have to worry about developing ideas for LinkedIn posts or responding to LinkedIn activity.

Using LinkedIn Marketing services will help you maximize your company’s impact on LinkedIn. Our LinkedIn specialists will improve the quality of your content, increase posting consistency, and help you leverage the most powerful features on LinkedIn.

How We Increased LinkedIn Leads by 157% for a B2B Client

LinkedIn management is one of the most targeted social media channels for B2B connections. You can leverage LinkedIn marketing to reach key personnel at specific companies who are decision-makers. For one of our clients, we created unique LinkedIn content and sponsored it through LinkedIn’s “sponsored post” feature. This allowed our client’s content to display on the news feed to people who were not connected to their LinkedIn business page. After consistently publishing and sponsoring LinkedIn content, our client was able to increase leads by 157% through our LinkedIn Marketing service. To learn more about LinkedIn marketing, contact us today and schedule a call with one of our specialists.


1.LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

The first step in launching your LinkedIn marketing campaign is to develop a strategy. Our LinkedIn specialists will work with you to understand your business, goals, and market, to develop a cutting-edge strategy for your business. The strategy will specify your target audience, content game plan, and how we intend on increasing your LinkedIn exposure.

2.LinkedIn Content Creation

Once the strategy is approved, we will start creating your LinkedIn content. Our LinkedIn specialists will handle all of the content writing, creative media, and publishing to your LinkedIn business page. We will also prepare content calendars in advance so that you can review your LinkedIn content prior to it being published to your pages.

3.LinkedIn Page Growth

The next step in the LinkedIn marketing process is to begin developing an audience around your page. Organic growth through LinkedIn is very limited and can take time to develop an audience. For faster growth, we typically recommend LinkedIn’s sponsored updates feature. Our LinkedIn managers will develop captivating posts and sponsor it to the best audience to increase awareness.

4.LinkedIn Monitoring

As your awareness begins to increase, your LinkedIn page may begin to receive comments, messages, or other activity that needs attention. Our LinkedIn management service includes daily monitoring during normal business hours. This means that you would have a LinkedIn specialist overseeing the activity on your account, and responding where appropriate.

5.LinkedIn Management Reporting

Our LinkedIn management service includes 24/7 analytics that can be accessed through logging into our proprietary software. In addition, we will send a monthly comprehensive report that summarizes our LinkedIn marketing efforts. You’d also have the opportunity to talk to us on a weekly or monthly basis in regards to your campaign.


The goal of our LinkedIn marketing services is to increase awareness for your business. We accomplish this in a few ways:

  1. Increasing LinkedIn Engagement
  2. Increasing Traffic from LinkedIn
  3. Increasing LinkedIn Followers and Connections
  4. Increasing LinkedIn Post Frequency
  5. Providing exceptional customer service to existing customers


1.In-House LinkedIn Management

Every post of your LinkedIn Management service is done by one of our team members. Unlike most agencies, we do not rely on outsourcing to service your account.

2.Personal & Business LinkedIn Capabilities 

If you’d like, you can opt-in for us to manage both, your company LinkedIn page and your personal LinkedIn page. Some of our clients have already established several hundreds of connections on their personal LinkedIn page, and we can create content to be posted on there as well as your business page.

3.Original LinkedIn Content

Your LinkedIn specialist will create original content with their expertise and will incorporate any brand recognizing elements you wish. We will not use previously made or published content.

4.Full-Service LinkedIn Management

We are a full service LinkedIn marketing company here to meet all of your social media needs. If you are interested in expanding into other social media channels, like Facebook or Twitter, we can help your branch into those outlets. If you’re interested in other online methods of growing your business, we can recommend services to help you reach your business goals.

Email Marketing

Engage Prospects with Educational, Valuable Email Newsletter Content

The key to building strong relationships, trust, and long-term client loyalty is through effective, ongoing, and consistent communications.

To help your firm save time while adding new customers, every website package includes an email marketing newsletter that’s sent on your behalf each month.

Through this feature, you’ll access timely, professionally-written content that you can easily customize and email to your contact list each month to keep your firm top-of-mind while encouraging new and repeat business. Not to mention, this type of consistent communication is a great way to stand out from competitors while building rapport with prospective clients.

Why It Pays to Have Email Newsletter Marketing for Tax and Accounting Firms?

Effective communication is key to building relationships in any business. As a accountant, or financial professional, it’s critical to proactively reach out to current and potential clients to stay top-of-mind and build trust.

One of the best and most time- and cost-efficient ways that your firm can continually reach its contacts is through email marketing newsletters. Not only do you save on postage, printing, and labels – you can see a bigger return from accounting email newsletter marketing, too! In fact, a study by Campaign Monitor shows that for every $1 spent on email marketing, $44 is made in return.1

Due to its popularity and effectiveness, some website providers will charge additional fees for an email newsletter marketing system. But with us, you access this incredible feature FREE with your website.

How Our Email Marketing Service for Accountants and Financial Professionals Works?

As your trusted marketing partner, we’re here to do the heavy lifting so you can focus on other areas of running your business.

On the first of each month, we automatically update your firm’s website and email marketing system database with three professionally-written, educational articles on tax-saving tips, financial topics, and other relevant events.

Once the monthly eNewlsetter is available, you have until the 8th of each month to customize it in any way you’d like. You can add and edit content, share specific announcements, updates, and more.

Then, on the 10th of each month, your client email newsletter is sent to your contacts automatically. You also have the ability to pause or change the send date, or let it simply run in the background each month. The solution is flexible and customizable to best fit the needs of your firm.

Plus, your email marketing newsletter distribution list is automatically updated when visitors and clients sign-up with their email address via your website to ensure your contacts list is always up-to-date.

Social Media Graphics Design

As it is said ‘first impression is the last impression’, your accounting & financial firm must create a good first impression to woo the visitors. Now, it’s your company’s website, social media page, brochure, etc. that your customer would firstly see and thus they need to be eye-grabbing.

Therefore, for your accounting & financial firm we would recommend you to get graphic design services for website design, business card design, brochure design and any other service which you may find would impact your company.

As it is said ‘first impression is the last impression’, your accounting & financial firm must create a good first impression to woo the visitors. Now, it’s your company’s website, social media page, brochure, etc. that your customer would firstly see and thus they need to be eye-grabbing.

Therefore, for your accounting & financial firm we would recommend you to get graphic design services for website design, business card design, brochure design and any other service which you may find would impact your company.

Video Editing

Using video is the next best thing to being face-to-face with prospects. It allows your prospect to get to know you in a very unobtrusive way with no risk to the prospect. It also produces amazing results when it comes to search engine rankings.

Using video is the next best thing to being face-to-face with prospects. It allows your prospect to get to know you in a very unobtrusive way with no risk to the prospect. It also produces amazing results when it comes to search engine rankings. Video is definitely a marketing technique with rocket fuel behind it.  

Video is also quite scary for accountants, which is why it remains so underutilized in accounting. Smart firm owners are realizing that there are many options to using video, and only a few require you to be a talking head.

Social Media & Paid Ad Management

Why Should Accountants Participate on Social Media?

What are people doing on social media? They’re sharing information about everything – including you and your services. When a client expresses their satisfaction on social media, your presence gives readers an immediate opportunity to engage with your firm. If your CPA social media marketing strategy is continually engaging with visitors, you can grow your network increase referrals, and build stronger relationships with clients.

What You Get with Social Media Management from DMYourBusiness?

Your dedicated social media expert creates branded profiles for you on today’s top social networks and posts relevant content that keeps clients engaged with your accounting firm.

Leverage Your Firm’s Brand Equity

Our social media and design teams work closely to ensure your firm’s personality carries across all of your online social media platforms. Using design elements from your accounting website, we create a personalized Facebook Business Page and LinkedIn page that match your firm’s branding.

Stay Top-of-Mind All Year Long

The average adult spends 90 minutes a day on social media. Keep your network of followers engaged with your firm throughout the year with relevant, interesting articles and educational content. Plus, consistent posts by your social media team help you build credibility and trust among prospective clients.

Keep the Focus on Your Clients – Let Us Manage Your Social Media Presence

Your social media account manager meets with you throughout the year to refine and optimize the success of your accounting social media campaign. They track and analyze your social media outreach while optimizing your strategy so you can focus on your clients.

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