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Google itself reported that 80%+ of travellers begin their holiday plans online, with the vast majority starting that journey on a mobile device. That’s why the travel industry is the third most competitive industry in Google and the third most expensive for paid search with PPC spend exceeding 3 billion USD worldwide. That’s more than $80Million spent in AdWords every single day!Why are travel brands spending so much in pay per click marketing? Because the return on investment (ROI) is so positive!A Wordstream study revealed that the average conversion rate of travel is more than 2%.

We can help you navigate through all of it!

DMYourBusiness is one of the leading digital marketing agencies based in India. We can help you in finding your target audience, measure the interest in your products & services, and finally benefit from all that. We can assist you in attracting new prospects to your website by optimizing your website and making people aware that your site exists while building brand awareness and generating leads alongside

Website Design & Development

At DMYourBusiness, we have immense knowledge when it comes to creating beautiful Travel & Tourism website design and portal development that really captures the spirit of travel, adventure and holiday. Our developers have the extensive technical know-how and a passion for building travel specific websites. We also offer fully functional tourism portal development services depending upon your custom requirements.

Facebook Ad Campaign Setup

As you probably already know, social media works really in the travel industry.Facebook has 2,2 billion monthly active users. It’s no wonder that travel agencies use Facebook for inspiring and marketing holiday deals to travelers. It is almost certain that your target audience will be among those users! As technology changes, so do customers’ habits, desires, and lifestyle, almost daily. However, getting an ad to perform according to your desired outcomes is a much greater challenge.

Google Ad Campaign Setup

Google AdWords is a pay per click (PPC) platform for advertising and hence the name PPC campaigns. The online marketing campaigns are mainly designed for driving in the audience to your travel website. Google AdWords helps you to target keywords for attracting potential customers from the market. Your goal is to turn these users to visitors on your website and thereby increase the traffic alongside converting the visitors into customers who will buy your travel services.

Linkedin Ad Campaign Setup

LinkedIn is both a great recruitment tool for growing businesses and a great opportunity to close business in a B2B climate. We build powerful outreach and advertising campaigns for our clients to help them grow their business, whether the need is more sales or a better online image from professionals. We ensure that your brand name is targeting the right professionals on the platform based on their role in their company and the industry they represent.

Video Editing

Reading about travel destinations is one thing but watching a video brings is a far more immersive experience.

The good folk over at Hubspot report that, where both video and text are available on the same page, 72% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service.

These days it is possible to produce a high-quality video at a low cost if you know where to look. Set up a YouTube channel for your business. Film snippets of your tours, staff holidays, famils, customer testimonials, how-to-pack guides, destination reviews – anything that aligns with your goals and your customer personas.

Your videos need to be optimised to keep people watching for as long as possible. If you’re embedding YouTube videos to your site, avoid slowing your web page speed down by generating a custom YouTube embed code.

Social Media & Paid Ad Management

Social media can be a cost effective channel for travel marketing. Choosing the right platform and putting a strategy in place is important. Consider your objectives and your target market carefully.

Like or loathe Facebook, it works for many
In my experience Facebook is still one of the best social platforms for travel agencies and tour operators in terms of driving web clicks. Yes, there is a lot of clutter you need to cut through but it can be done with custom audiences, boosted posts, testing and planning.

Use Facebook Insights to track, manage and alter your strategy in line with your goals. If you are time poor or want to delve a little deeper, nut out a social media strategy with an agency to maximise your investment.

Email Marketing

Your email database is one of your most valuable assets. Email marketing drives more conversions than social and search, as reported by Monetate.

You know you need a subscription form on your site, but do you understand why? Without it you miss the opportunity to invite visitors into your inner circle, connect with them again and, at some point, turn them into valuable paying customers.

Get to know the do’s and don’ts around subscribing, design, content, timing and split testing. A good newsletter will drive traffic to your site, encourage social shares and generate leads. If your current email newsletter design isn’t responsive, then you should build a new one.

Work your database at every chance. Remember that your subscribers have opted to hear from you, so make every email count.

Social Media Graphics Design

Design is your silent brand ambassador. You can put energy into staffing, strategy, campaigns and sales but poor design can see everything come undone.

If you haven’t already got a style for your brand (or it’s looking dated), call in the pros. A good designer will work with you to craft a style that will tie your branding together. Talk to the designer about your brand and help them to understand your ideal customer. There’s a lot to be said for colour psychology – different colours evoke different emotions.


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