Be Aware of Features of High-Capacity Pallet Tipper

Metal coils, dies, moulds, and other heavy, clumsy loads can be easily and effectively turned upside down using coil positioners and up-enders. The tippers and up-enders can support loads of up to 100,000 pounds.

Few features of high-capacity tippers

High-capacity pallet tippers can easily handle huge loads while reducing physical labour and harm risk. The vendors provide top-notch pallet tipping machinery designed to perform in high-volume operations for a range of sectors. Numerous more functions are included in these high-capacity pallet tippers, including:


  • Invert or transfer different types of loads with variable load heights
  • Easy transporting and loading by forklift


  • Easy-to-use push-button controls that are accessible from the lift truck’s seat
  • Handrail guarding and a few other safety features are available


  • Maintenance locks
  • Counterbalance valves for holding and maintaining pressure
  • Foot obstruction photo eye provided to prevent accidents

Looking for any customized solution to your specific application?

At Top Industries, their engineers design/build a necessary pallet tipper to meet any specific application and provide special modifications if needed.

You can contact them and discuss your requirements so that they can send you their best offers.

The heavy-duty up-ender and high cycle pallet tipper are systems for 24/7, heavy-duty operations where changing product orientation can be a part of the production process. These systems are offered by numerous businesses that specialize in material handling systems.

These heavy-duty tippers are built to upend the following:

  • Coils
  • Moulds
  • Dies
  • Paper rolls
  • Cylinders

Also, many other heavy, bulky loads need to be turned within a 90⁰ radius, which is built with high-quality parts and heavy-duty steel to ensure reliability. Placed at the start or the end of the conveyor line along with integrated controls to sequence automatically.

Select from many types of high-capacity tippers

Heavy-duty steel construction gives high-capacity up-enders the ability to handle large, awkward loads with ease. Use it to turn cylinders, rolls of paper, coils, dies, and other similar things.

Additionally, the hydraulic up-ender has the strength and adaptability to carry out auxiliary tasks including cantering pallets, shifting saddles, and also loading and unloading conveyors.

The following are the key features and benefits of high capacity up-ender:

  • A custom design that can ensure a targeted solution for any unique material handling challenges
  • 90⁰ turning radius that offers maximum flexibility and manoeuvrability while tilting loads
  • High-capacity performance that can match the requirements of high-volume operations
  • Sturdy pivot bearings with the solid construction of double-acting tilt tie-rod cylinders can enhance the reliability of hydraulic up-ender
  • Sufficient power for handling secondary load-handling applications
  • May be equipped with either a flat platform or V-saddle

You can engage with a business that concentrates on resolving your most difficult material handling equipment difficulties when you purchase such industrial equipment from a qualified vendor.

They will collaborate closely with you to customise your hydraulic up-ender so that it satisfies all of your performance and productivity needs.

You may save time and help your organization’s bottom line by taking advantage of the industry knowledge and professional guidance that come with having so much expertise in this field.

Keep visiting their Twitter account from time to time to keep yourself updated.

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