Border AI Decoy Cactus Robots to avoid Illegal Entry Into US Described

With the run-up for the 2012 elections there is numerous debates one of the greatest Republicans candidates. One question that keeps approaching may be the issue of illegal immigration. Clearly, the citizens and voters are usually concerned during occasions of greater unemployment, given that they believe that these jobs which are being adopted by individuals who go into the country unlawfully are hampering their chances, and the prospect of buddies and family from getting individuals jobs. Now then, Let me talk to you regarding this for almost any second, because it is experienced news reports almost any day.

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A number of other Republicans candidates claim they might require an excellent border fence inside the Gulf for that Gulf. Really in Hillcrest California they’re extending the border fence out 100 yards towards the sea, still you will observe border pads making sure nobody is swimming over the point from Tijuana to San Ysidro beach area there. You’ll find technology being deployed to discover undercover and find out in which the drug cartels are building their tunnels. Really, likely to amazing article concerning this in Homeland Security News on November 28, 2011 entitled: “The lower sides to find drug tunnels,” which stated

“DHS and DOD focused on technology to acknowledge undercover tunnels using ground sensors and seismic waves finding movement undercover – also attempted robots to map the terrain using infrared. Ground penetrating radar does not work below forty-feet, plus a handful of tunnels are 100 feet undercover. Ground radar readings challenged because of urban settings and moist, clay-wealthy soils. Microgravity sensors, calculating small adjustments to the worldwide gravitational field introduced on by tooth decay are pricey and offer many false positives.”

One Republicans candidate discussed in the recent debate employing a virtual fence, while you probably know about funding was eliminate from that program, concerning were some problems with it during its prototype development. Nonetheless, technology is going to be been considered. Now then, Let me advise an amazing new technology, some might call a rogue considered to solve this issue, my concept and technology may be for above ground illegal alien crossings.

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Okay so, I would suggest artificial Decoy Cactus Robots along a lot of the foot pathways or trails that illegal aliens frequently use entering our country. Once they get close the needles across the fake cactus will shoot out like darts. Each one of these may have sleeping concoction across the tip. Once they hit people searching to get by, when they visit them go to sleep, along with the cactus will getting its antenna signal the satellite it’s discharged the needles obtaining a sleeping concoction.

A camcorder across the cactus will visit make certain that the operator can view the quantity of individuals have fallen asleep available and have to be selected track of the border patrol. Personally, For me advisable, i can’t consider a much more humane method to handle problem. When the border patrol for reasons unknown is simply too busy and can’t do it to obtain the folks up, eventually they’ll awaken and walk somewhat further, until they achieve the following cactus. When they are doing go into the country, they’ll be well rested, or taken into child child child custody and arrested. In both situation they’ll be “ah-rested” – so, please consider all of this and consider it.

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